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Be the voice of Authentic Truth:


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Speaking from the place of your authentic self can (and WILL) totally transform your life... and the lives of others!

Truth be told, I grew up rarely able to speak up for myself and I had to learn it the hard way... But I want you to be able to speak up for yourself and your loved ones without going through the same pain.


Because I know from experience that in speaking your truth you will...

* Feel ultimate confidence and courage because nobody else is going to speak up for you

* Have others not only listen to you but also BELIEVE you and in you... because you will, too.

* Become impactful beyond your wildest expectations and move people to actually do what you envision them to do

* Gain critical inner cooperation that creates massive outer results

* Trust in yourself and believe that what you have to say is valuable and important - no more "who am I to say this"

* Let go of needing other people’s approval and stop waiting for permission

* Learn to speak up more and more... and more - yes, it's addictive!

 Be able to make powerful decisions for yourself and others without feeling like a complete jerk.

* No longer be haunted by the results of your not speaking up - no more regrets, resentment, and anxiety, no more feeling helpless or like a powerless victim to your fear

* Trust that what comes forward for you to express is a reflection of your own inner alignment



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Life & Executive Coach

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"April, [Living Your Purpose] was honestly one of the best things that I have read in a long time. I read about 4 books a week. You are such a talented writer."

Dina Pray

Owner, Rascal's Tavern & Grill, Geneva, Illinois

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