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Creating from the place of your authentic self can (and WILL) totally transform your life... and the lives of others!

Truth be told, I grew up creating my life based on avoiding pain, steering away from my deepest fears, and trying to live up to other's expectations. Does this sound familiar in your life, too?

It's a hard way to live, and after a while serves only to feed the very things we were trying to avoid...until, that is, we
make a powerful decision to create an outstanding, soulful, and beautiful life for ourselves and our loved ones without going through the same pain.


By creating an authentic life of meaning and soul so you can...

* Stop being haunted by the results of your playing small - no more regrets, resentment, and anxiety, no more feeling helpless or like a powerless victim to your unlived life.

* Create a high quality life by breaking through outdated patterns and barriers.

Become impactful beyond your wildest expectations and move others to push beyond their limits, too.

* Gain
critical inner cooperation that creates the momentum for outstanding outer results.

* Trust in yourself and believe that what you have to offer in your world is
massively valuable and important - no more "who am I to say and do this?"

* Trust that what is in you to create and become is a simply a reflection of your own inner alignment in action.

* Let go of needing other people’s approval and stop waiting for permission.

* Learn to create more and more because you're now playing with the
subtle forces that are conspiring in your favor!

 Make powerful decisions for yourself and others
without excuses.

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"April L. Dodd is a gifted soul, an amazing speaker and spirit-led teacher."  She helps you go within to discover the patterns that are holding you back from realizing your greatest self…. and greatest life. Listen as she guides you, through her teaching, on a journey home… to your heart. Your life will never be the same."

Sunny Dawn Johnston

World-Renowned Speaker, Spiritual Teacher, and Psychic Medium

Hi, I'm April L. Dodd, M.A.
Le'ts work Together on Your transformation


Vision Board Alchemy

As someone who has made my own Vision Boards (and manifested some transformational results with my most successful clients!) I've learned it's more than just slapping a picture onto a poster board. It's about first getting deep and clear on your authentic life, letting go of what's in the way - and then clearly connecting with your dreams while designing a vision that deeply calls to you.

CLICK HERE  for your FREE "5 Rookie Vision Board Mistakes:  And How To Avoid Them" and GET ON THE "FIRST DIBS" WAITING LIST for my 2020 class!




Self-Priority Project

Your next EPIC chapter starts with YOU now.

You promised yourself all along that you'd make yourself and your dreams a priority, but you haven't... until now.

In my exculsive 90-Day signature program, we will not only put you back on your calendar with soulfully loving attention, we will design a life you absolutely love, because it's your turn to be lit up about your life again!

* Reclaim crystal clarity and confidence about your dreams and goals
* Create and follow a spiritually-aligned action plan that will turn your dreams and most meaningful goals into a reality that lights you up...
* While simultaneously healing the wounds that have kept you from them with proven, gentle, and immediately applicable practices.

And so much more! Click here.

**Please Note: This is only for those women who are the make-it-happeners, so on fire, so determined to get off the sidelines of your own life. If that's you, or you want to know how this can be you, I offer a FREE Self-Priority Session to support you in getting crystal clarity on your next steps. Simply schedule yours here!


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