If you are living a life full of tolerations and overwhelm, living disconnected from yourself, your family, your Spirit, busy “doing” with diminished results, feeling uninspired and you’re ready to transform mediocre for the inspiring life you’ve dreamed of… I’m so happy you’re here, because I’ve got a simple solution for you. 

If you want to live into the extraordinary, you’ve got to center yourself in taking loving excellent care of YOU in a whole new way…because

Where you center yourself impacts EVERYTHING in your life.

When you’re disconnected from your Spirit, you will feel diminished and so will anything you invest yourself in. The divine work is inner-work, the necessary work to get you to any next level, physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, time, space, imagination. When I started on my personal and spiritual transformation, I attended the seminars, meditations, read the books, studied with masters, said the mantras, sat in difficult positions for lengths of time… still I came up against the same sabotaging patterns and stubborn resistances!
What I know now is that I needed to normalize and make peace with the deeper visions seeking to emerge inside of me. But I couldn’t get there with just mantra work, or books, mindset work, or the masculine work of planning, strategizing, and executing.  In fact, it was the feminine way of being that I had shut down all those years that needed to rise dramatically to raise my energy, raise my ability to activate, and raise my awareness… because awareness is curative. It was this process to focus, heal, and activate that allowed me to go from dysfunctional family patterns, leave a toxic relationship, exit a career I only thought I loved, to living out my wildest dreams within a year.
Who would you be if you truly lived from a place of deep connection (to yourself and your Source), and awakened to the power you have to transform anything in your world from within?

Only from centering yourself in this place does it mean you:

  • Reframe the issues at hand as blessings to guide you
  • Handle the storms of life with grace and power
  • Make decisions based on inner knowing
  • Sidestep triggers from a place of creativity
  • Wake up lit up about being the most exciting thing in your life
  • Think highly of yourself, creating boundaries from self-love, self-respect, and self-forgiveness 
  • Show up with purpose in your heart and conscious presence in your being
  • Unapologetically love the woman you see in the mirror
  • Stop craving more from your life because you’re busy expressing it fully

Consider how might this impact your relationship with your children, your spouse, your work, your community, your health, your well-being, how lit up you are upon waking…your dreams, if you stopped surrendering yourself over to anything unworthy of your extraordinary?

Isn’t it time to make yourself a priority?

Life isn’t getting in the way. Life is trying to emerge THROUGH you.

For too long, my friend, you’ve been sitting on the sidelines waiting to begin…

Your deep and unwavering connection to your inner guidance.

Your deep and profound impact on your children.

Your unquieting dreams and inner most desires.

It’s time for your life to express itself through you in the way you were meant to.

It’s time to make yourself a priority.

If the current life you are living is stealing your joy, happiness, energy, then it’s not enough to sit around waiting for something to change.

It’s time to put the extra into the extraordinary, because that’s who you ALREADY ARE. Let me show her to you, and how to reclaim this truth about you gracefully.

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About April

I’m April Dodd. And for the past 20 years, I’ve been working intimately with smart, soulful, and divine women like you to return to their inner-authority, transforming what they know, love and do with spiritually-inspired action steps for designing a life they love, give themselves unapologetic permission to manifest their most meaningful dreams, and transform the feminine way…all while simultaneously healing the wounds that have kept you from them…with soulful ease and joy.

With a masters in Spiritual Psychology, 20+ years of studying with spiritual teachers and masters, one of the greatest joys in my life is to work exclusively with divine women having a mom experience who refuse to live in the mediocre to experience the miracles of marvelous.

We’ve got big plans, don’t we?!

Let’s make it happen… together.

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