Moving Towards Self-Worth

If you’re anything like me, you tense at the thought of actually adding anything to your already busy day.

The words time-management instantly induces degrees of overwhelm, speeding sand through the hourglass, and inhaling without exhaling about a possible expectation to accomplish it all in 24 hrs.

How about instead we look at your day in a new way?

Self-worth comes from completion.

Self-worth means you declare what you’re going to do, do it by being total present and not thinking about what else is next, complete it and declare it complete, then move on and let it go, having no inner conversation that you shoulda, coulda, or woulda done differently.

Insecurity comes from not knowing you CAN.

Most people overcommit, in an attempt to do the impossible, being a hero or heroine who “overcame”.

When we get real about lighting up our day with what is realistic and most meaningful AND then completing it, we wake up lit up to get to it , never doubting our ability to accomplish anything, thereby keeping our energy elevated and high vibe.

What would you do with extra energy and self-worth?

Grab my free Self-Worth download called “How to feel like yourself again!

With you,

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