Self Love

My Friends, I know that taking time to actually LOVE on yourself can often go even below actually taking CARE of yourself. I’m a mom. Trust me. I get it.🤪 We’ll do a Target return run by ourselves and call it self-care before we draw a boundary for our own time to go off to that 1 hr dance class we’ve always dreamed of taking. Self-Love isn’t as minimal as self-care.❤️It’s about expansion, not fitting something in.❤️ Expanding our world instead of trying to squeeze something into it. And come on, haven’t we as women, as moms, spent a crap ton of time trying to do it right, fit in!? And now here we are looking in the mirror judging the lines around our own eyes and the bumps on our belly buying into the belief that if only we had more…time, space, sleep, help, lotions…we’d feel better, do better, live better.🙅‍♀️ Have you ever looked in the mirror and had that gorgeous reflection say back to you, “Look at you, you’ve never really wanted to take care of me. You waited.” 😖 My friend, I just want to pull you away from that mirror and shake you awake…with ❤️ of course. Hug you as my long lost sister and say, wake up wake up wake up!!☀️ Look, you don’t need more…of anything. You’re exhausted and full from all the latest challenges (online and in the world) and holding it all already. All together. All alone (or so it can feel). If this resonates with you, then would one hour be enough for you to simply get started? After all, isn’t it about that..just.getting.started? Consider it. Then look in the mirror and see what She has to say about it.💃🏼

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