What Do When Your Child Feels Misunderstood

One thing I’m aware of as a mom is that what our kids feel is often misunderstood…even by them.

One of my favorite ways to help my kids get out what’s in, is to get out and check in.

My son’s love language is play, and so I make it a point to create some movement to help his body integrate or release, because his body is often processing what his brain cannot.
And when we get to laughing, moving so his joints get some input, THEN we are in a receptive space to check in and see what’s left to talk about.

Too often I think us moms can go right to talking about it, but for some of our kids talking just doesn’t get there, or get it out, putting pressure on our kids to have to “figure it out” (use their brains to try to put words on something their body is processing).

When we teach our kids to move the energy, we are teaching them to work with energetics, with how the body is communicating to us, and how it can do so much of the work of releasing for us in service to us, without having to get all masculine about it to strategize, plan, execute some version of fixing, and attack it.

And if this is tough for you to do with your kids, then perhaps it’s because you yourself are still running the old plays of thinking it through without getting your body on board.

A simple way to get your body on board is to close your eyes and just ask yourself what you are feeling right this moment. Shhh…just get tuned in a moment. Maybe it’s nervousness, overwhelm, stillness, a sense of uncertainty, sleepiness. Just allow whatever it is to be, not making it right or wrong. All is welcome here.

From here, you can tune in and ask what you need right now.

Then listen.

You can trust it.


Because it came FOR you in service to you. In other words, it wants what you want.

If as a mom, you often find yourself feeling misunderstood, too, then practice turning in and tuning in. Your answers are there in your body. Listen to it. Feel it. Allow it. Love it.

And from here you’ll be better equipped to help your loved one through their own feelings, known and unknown.

With you,

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