3 Things To Focus on During Challenging Times

2020 was a challenging year to say the least. Every day life as a mother, entrepreneur and wife create challenges on their own but then adding on the unexpected passing of my sister and everything Covid, well let’s just say challenging was an understatement. Like many I found myself in uncharted waters with family, work, myself, and my spiritual practice.

To allow myself to move through these waters with more grace and ease I found it beneficial to focus on 3 SoulFood Groups. The idea behind these “food” groups is that we are what we feed ourselves, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. As I focused on them I discovered I could make shifts in my day to create a more harmonious life and keep connected no matter what life threw at me. This process isn’t just for the challenges Covid has presented us, but for anytime we find challenges in life.

I invite you to take a moment and notice how you are working with these SoulFood groups. Ask yourself, “How are they impacting my life? What changes can I make to bring them more in alignment with who I truly am or where I want to be?”

SoulFood Groups:

  1. The food that we eat: Anything that we are consuming with our mouths, not just the actual food we eat but also the words we put into our mouth
  2. The air we breathe: The environment we are putting ourselves in
  3. Our thoughts or the impressions we take in: Not just our thoughts but the impressions we take in from our environment that feed our thought

For me I discovered not everything was nourishing or very supportive for myself or my family. I needed to make changes so what I consumed was beneficial to all aspects of me so I started:

  • Repeating mantras throughout the day
    1. Just keep going
    2. This thought is reflecting a goal that is preventing me from accepting God’s only function for me
    3. Stand aside, however briefly, from any thoughts that does not bring me closer to God
    4. I am here now
  • Set boundaries
  • Started asking to have conversations instead of telling others we need to talk

I know these all may seem so simple, and they are, yet, they made a powerful impact.

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